About Us

Formulating the Future

As part of a group with a 200 year reputation for service and innovation, Birch Chemicals was created to provide specialty chemicals to the Rubber, Plastics, Coatings and Adhesives markets. 

Based in the UK, with a network that spans 33 countries, we operate globally - but react locally to our customers' challenges. And we’re committed to constant evolution, with our Innovation Centers constantly finding new ways to refine and improve what we do.

A awards ceremony at Birch Chemicals

Birch Chemicals is part of the Singleton Birch Group which was founded in 1815 and, amongst other notable achievements, was responsible for the start of the Aston Martin car company.

We began life as Innovo in 2000, based in Surrey. After being bought by Singleton Birch in 2009, we moved to our current North Lincolnshire site and became Birch Chemicals in 2018.  



A Responsible Partner

We operate to the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental responsibility as reflected by our ISO accreditations.

A school experience day at Birch Chemicals

Our shareholding reflects our commitment to social responsibility, with over 50% of our profits distributed to charity by the Katherine Martin Trust, and our wide-reaching on-site resources meaning we use a monthly average of 83% renewable zero-carbon electricity.

Our unique on-site integrated supply position allows complete control of the production process, from raw materials through to finished products, giving our customers consistent quality, superior performance and security of supply.